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I have completely and utterly failed as a Pinterest Mom.

I'm sure that's not surprise to those of you who actually know me.  I'm not one of those showcase moms whose pictures of her children are always these perfectly staged little masterpieces with unique backgrounds, perfect lighting, and no spitup or drool in sight.  That is not my life and I'll never pretend that it is.

In fact, in most of my pictures you can see stacks of laundry or random miscellany that needs to be put away.  That's about as mindful as I get when it comes to the pictures I take and post.  "If I shoot from this angle, you can't see that we haven't put laundry away in three days." 

That's my life. That's how we roll.

Which is probably why I am so terrible at taking the monthly pictures with the stickers.  There's just SO much that goes into them.  First, you have to find a space in your house that is clean.  Or you have to clear a space so that it at least appears that way.  Then you have to catch the baby at the right time of day and in the right mood.  Preferably after a nap but before a bottle (thus helping with the spit-up issue).  Then you've got to figure out how to set up the picture.  What do you want for a background, is the lighting tolerable, and how far back do I have to sit before I'm not casting a shadow on him?

And at 7 months, you throw into the mix the fact that the baby is no longer under any illusions that the sticker is just a part of his shirt.  To him it's a rare delicacy that must be sampled and gnawed on.  Except that you can't let him gnaw on it because it takes about 150 pictures to get 2-3 decent shots where there are no shadows and as little blurring as possible.  So you have to repeatedly take the sticker away, but you can't do it in a way that would make him mad because in the ideal picture you'd have a smile that showcased all four of his little teeth.

Oh yeah, and it's also helpful if he's looking at you.  And not licking the refrigerator.

So that was fun.

Which was when I went to tweak the brightness & contrast on the photos, I just decided to run a few effects on them to punch them up because (to me) there was a lot of humor in trying to get the pictures...and for memory's sake, I think it should show that.

So without further adieu, my 7 month old (for a few more days at least) little monkey.


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