Our family got one family member bigger last night.

Ty's school is participating in #onebookonedistrict, where grades K-5th are all reading The World According to Humphrey, a cute little book about a Hamster who finds new friends and adventures as the class pet in Room 26.

Just as every other child in our school district has been doing, Ty has been asking for a pet hamster since the day we started this book.  And last night I let him spend some of his birthday money to get one.  We already had the cage, the ball, the food bowl, and the water bottle.  We just needed some fresh food and a hamster.  So, on the way home from our search for the perfect pumpkin for his storybook pumpkin project, we came home with a hamster instead of a pumpkin.

Funny how that works, right?  My husband thought it was especially funny....

On the way home, Ty and I were discussing names.  His initial choices were Blake or Fiona, but he really liked Sebastian an Amadeus which were the names of some beagles that he had when he was younger.  He dismissed them, though, because we'd already used them.

"Why not name it Sebastian or Amadeus?" I asked him, "If you loved them, what better honor could you give them than to name another pet after them?".

I guess Ty thought it was a 'one and done' kind of thing.  A name could only ever be used once, which is a good rule when naming children but didn't seem overly necessary to me with pets whose timelines didn't overlap.

"Which one was the one that barked all night long and kept me awake?" Ty asked me.

"That was Amadeus." I told him.

"Okay," he responded, "Sebastian it is!"

We got Sebastian home and got the old gerbil cage out of the attic and cleaned it out, added some fresh bedding, fresh water, and a bowl-full of food.  When his home was finally clean and ready, Ty introduced Sebastian to his new home.

He quickly climbed up into the enclosure at the top of his cage and then down to his food bowl and water bottle.  After a few minutes, he discovered his wheel and went for a quick spin.

We put the cat away (no worries, the cat isn't allowed in the boys rooms so Sebastian should be safe in Ty's room as long as he doesn't become an escape-artist like Humphrey!) and put his cage in the living room so that we could watch him for a little bit.

At bedtime, we moved him to the top of the chest of drawers in Ty's room, which is where his cage will likely stay.

This morning Ty came into the bathroom, acting a little more tired than usual.

"How did Sebastian do last night?" I asked him.

"We should have named him Amadeus," Ty told me, sleepily.

Apparently his new hamster was a 'little rat' that spent the evening celebrating his new home on his new wheel!

And so begins the adventure!


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