It's not my fault

I have a collection of quotes that I've been saving since I was in seventh grade.  More than twenty years and thousands and thousands of quotes and this morning I heard my new Favorite Quote Ever.




There.  Maybe that conveys how much I love this quote.

Because this quote applies to any person in any situation.  It applies to families, churches, communities, neighborhoods, friends, countries...from the smallest collective of people all the way up to the largest—each of us can apply this quote.
"This may not be our fault, but as a faith-based community, it is our problem."
How good is that!!!

And for all the easily-offendables,  if you want to simplify it to just community, it still applies.

As a family, we constantly have outside circumstances that affect us and what better response to teach our children than this?

This may not be our fault, but as a family, it is our problem.

This concept and mindset is SO GOOD to me because it's accepting that yes, I am a part of this group and yes, I am willing to do the work that needs to be done because this collective of people in this group—my family, my church, my community, my country, or the global-community as a whole—matter to me and they deserve help in making things right and making things better.

This concept screams integrity to me and you all know that it's my hope to become the kind of person where this word, Integrity, would be one of the predominant themes you would see at my funeral.

I don't do resolutions.  I always have a list of goals in my head that I'd like to work toward but I don't put them on a time-table or hold off until the new year to commit to action on them, but it's January and it's still so early in the year that I think I'll make an exception.

This will be my goal this year.

In the big and the little issues that I run into each day, I will train myself with this response.

This may not be my fault, but as a Christian, it is my problem.

When my kids come home in bad moods or have problems with others that are affecting them, I will remember

This may not be my fault, but as their Mama, it is my problem.

Us Mamas do that already, don't we?  Why not apply that elsewhere!

We have homeless living in our cities, we have children living in filth and abuse, we have elderly who can't afford the medicine that they need, we have a nation that is crippled by fear, anxiety, and misinformation.

This may not be my fault, but it is my problem.

I hope you'll read these words and let them into your heart, too.  This is the mindset that will get us over that hill.  This is the mindset that can reconcile differences.  This is the mindset that can make us great again.  Whatever is affecting you or those around you, close the gap between you, stop looking at them as someone you don't know or don't like or don't have anything in common with, they're a part of this community with you.

Their issues may not be your fault, but it is your problem.  

Let's step up and find a way to fix it together.